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Email advertising

Grab Attention and Hold Onto It

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In these uncertain times, many more of your customers will alternate working from home and office thereby being more vigilant to their inbox.


Through our carefully planned campaigns, our customers have been maximising brand awareness and ROI.

Are You Struggling To Find The Right Data For Your Companies Email Marketing?

Worry not, here at mailto: we take the stress out of it all, by hosting your email campaign. All you need to think about is design and content we will do the data and sending.

Why not give us a call on 01206 574 674 to find out a little more about how we can help.


Email. It's all about the data.

​Did you know that a telephone researched list costs over £2 per B2B data subject each time the record is cleaned?

And did you know that it takes a skilled telephone researcher to make on average 20 telephone calls to clean and verify each record?

Those are the numbers that our in-house telephone research team hit in order to CONNECT your Email campaign to the right people within each business.

mailto: will connect your message to the right people within our list of over 80,000 meticulously researched Email records, see our markets here.


Email. It's all about the message.

You’ve got access to the very best data that money can buy. Now you need to get your message read and IMPACT your audience.


Through continued engagement of our prospect lists, we have separated those contacts that have stated to our researches that Email is the media that they would respond to from legitimate sources.

mailto: are extremely proud to represent and introduce some of the leading organisations in industry, please see our list of customers and sponsors here.


Email. It's all about the ROI.

Absolutely, you have a terrific data list, a legitimate message, aimed at prospects that are expecting business related news on products like yours to be delivered to their business inbox.

This is a formula that will generate the very best RESPONSE and a terrific ROI.

For more information on how we can maximise your marketing contact us today 

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