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How do I convert my email marketing leads?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do after your campaigns, after your advertorial runs and after your advertising is over.

Converting the lead to sales is the ultimate goal and we have had so many questions on how to do this after our campaigns.

Many companies will have this nailed down and worked out with a fine-tooth comb but we have been asked now by so many what should I do with my reports and are they useful?

Granted, an email campaign can make your company sales however a lot of the time people will show signs of wanting to buy or being interested by clicking through your email content. So that's why three days after each shot we send your E-Blast out we send you a CSV file full of all of your click-throughs, although some of the click-throughs may have already moved forward and made a full inquiry/purchase, there will always be a handful which will need a little extra work...

Now the question is how to do that, how do I convert them?

There are so many ways that you can convert a sale, the first and most common way is to pass these leads onto your sales team. Remember these leads are yours to keep permanently. Your sales team can simply run through and phone, email or contact these leads in whatever way they feel is best.

Here at mailto: we would advise that a phone call is normally best to follow up from the email campaign however emails are also very efficient.

Alternatively, you can add all of these contacts to your permanent in-house database and target them with further email campaigns, from your in house team if you have the resources, but remember these people are on our database as well so will be contacted with our Email Marketing packages which you would have been are part of too, we would suggest planning your email blasts so that they don’t overlap too much with you package emails you’ve booked with us this will give you a better gauge on the analytics from your website to see how well your emails are really doing. But is there ever really too much exposure? We don’t think so.

Finally, we would suggest continuing to use the email campaigns booked with us purely because the consistency of the marketing and the subliminal messaging given from the email campaigns will make more and more impact each time. If a customer sees your message three times they are three times as likely to trust your company and understand your brand/products/message, therefore, making a slow conversion.

In our eyes consistency is key.

Although we all know the above three suggested options are all very effective within their own right, here at mailto: we believe that more is more, and we don’t want to leave your sales down to luck make sure that you convert those leads into sales, so we would suggest wherever possible to use all three suggestions. In fact where ever possible use more for example direct mail?

For more information, tips and tricks from our hugely experienced team just call in to have a chat and we would be more than happy to help and guide you where needed

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