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A choice of either a 12 or 6 Email blast package includes a CSV file with all of your click throughs and detailed reports following each blast. 


Prospects that click through are yours to keep, you can use the service to generate opt-ins to your in-house campaigns.


If your design resources are stretched, our in-house Email designer is always on hand at no extra charge. 


If required, we will create your Email design for you using our 'drag and drop' software and send your emails using a new bespoke domain. This is included in your price package.

For further information, details on our other packages or a to discuss how we help, call us on 01206 574 674.

Our sectors and prices 

Above are the prices for 12 unique Email blasts to a single sector.

There is a fixed annual management fee of £300* to add to the above rates.

IE General Health & Safety £1,992 + £300 = £2,292. Meaning each of your 12 Email blasts costs just £191 to deliver your digital advertisement to 6,185 Health & Safety specifiers.


All prices are net of VAT. 

*The annual management fee is applied on your first order only and will not be applied to subsequent orders within the following 12 months.


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