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Offering you the opportunity to not just reach companies that run fleets of commercial vehicles, but to get directly in front of the named decision makers/specifiers in charge of those fleets.


Whether it be trucks or vans, this is such a crucial market, and an industry that is visible on our roads every day – Everything we buy, use, eat and wear is transported by a commercial vehicle. And then there are tradesmen, couriers, councils, etc.


This sector is hungry for the latest updates in technology such as telematics and tracking, on board cameras, information on fuel management, fuel cards and all that contributes toward cost savings as well as enabling them to monitor and improve day to day fleet performance and maintenance. There is also looking towards the future and how electric vehicles could add value into their fleets.


Always of importance is the latest in vehicle and road safety, not to mention security, training, insurance, new government legislation and regulations, and Driver CPC training for the HGV industry.


Our dedicated transport team at mailto: can connect you to over 9,500 buyers and specifiers within this sector, which is still as crucial as it has always been towards every day requirements and demands in the UK.

We at mailto: really look forward to discussing all the essential components for a successful campaign.



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